Valentine Screen Prints

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  • Heat Press Temperature: 325 degrees
  • Prepress your shirt: 7 seconds
  • Press: 7 seconds
  • Pressure: High
  • Press AGAIN: 7 seconds (this is only recommended)
  • Peel: Immediately  
  • Let the garment FULLY cool before folding to reduce crease lines.
  • Make sure your heat press is EXACTLY the temperature it needs to be. Heat guns are available on Amazon.
  • Wash: Cold water, turn garment inside out. Do NOT use fabric softener. Do not bleach. Tumble dry, low heat. You MUST wait 24-48hrs before washing your garment. We DO NOT guarantee any heat transfers washability as there is no way to prove our product was applied and washed according to our guidelines.
  • Make sure you inspect EVERY transfer BEFORE pressing for excess ink, stains, or blemishes. I am not responsible for replacements once the transfer has been pressed.
  • Happy Pressing!!!